The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme is a government funded programme that gives every child in Key Stage 1 in fully state-funded schools a piece of fruit or a vegetable each school day at no cost to the school.

The scheme serves 2.3m children in around 16,600 primary schools and is funded jointly by the Department of Health and the Department for Education.

The scheme was introduced after the NHS Plan, launched in 2000, included a commitment to implement a national fruit and vegetable scheme by 2004. The School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme is fully funded by central government.

The aims of the Scheme remain to contribute towards the recommended helpings of at least five portions a day and to encourage healthier eating for life. Since the start it has provided free fruit for circa 12 million children.

Each year, SFVS deliver to


school children, which means…


pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Kids Fruit

Many schools have asked us to supply extra fruit and vegetables for pupils who are no longer in Key Stage 1 and are therefore no longer eligible to receive the government funded produce. Kidsfruit can also provide healthy eating opportunities for after school clubs and breakfast clubs, as well as for school staff. MWW set up the Kidsfruit service in order to supply this need and to continue the children’s healthy eating habits.

Each year, MWW deliver to


of the schools in England, which equals…


school children, which means…


pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Good to the core

The Kidsfruit mission is to…

Help children and adults eat and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables everyday.

Research and identify better brands and products in terms of nutrition, school compliance and minimum additives.

Provide smarter, healthier option foods at affordable prices conveniently delivered to your school.

Source from a supply chain that demonstrates corporate and social responsibility.

What teachers say

“Creating healthy eaters for the future.”

— Head Teacher, Solihull

“For a number of our children it is the only opportunity they get to eat fruit and vegetables as part of their daily diet. The range has enabled our children to try fresh food that they would not otherwise. The scheme is creating healthy eaters for the future.”

“Children love having fresh fruit on a daily basis”

— Member of Staff, Retford

“Children love having fresh fruit on a daily basis which is helped by the consistently excellent service from Kids Fruit.”

“Our children can try fruits they would otherwise never have had”

— Member of Staff, Bourne

“The variety and range of the seasonally selected fresh produce means that our children can try fruits they would otherwise never have had the opportunity to try”

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Minor Weir and Willis Ltd (MWW) was established in 1963. We have grown from a market stall in Birmingham to become one of the largest handlers of fresh produce in the UK. We now source over 100 products from over 40 different countries.

MWW has invested in both infrastructure and people in the UK and abroad. We recognise that we have an ethical duty to protect the people who eat our produce, the planet and the people who supply our food.

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