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Want something you can use in school? We have provided some resources that we think you will find useful in lessons and extra-curricular activities. Please let us know if you have any other ideas for resources you would like.

Fruit & Vegetable Storage Planners

  • Each bag contains 10 apples
  • Number of pieces per pupil: 1
  • Storage: Somewhere cool, dry and away from direct sunlight and chemicals, ideally off the ground.
  • Preparation: Wash

Straight from the grape vine!

In-season sugar snap peas being picked, packed and sent to schools

Our Worcestershire farms have really been challenged this year with unseasonably high rainfall in June, washing away field crops and…
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Why positive peer pressure is playing its part to get infant pupils eating fruit and veg

Peer pressure – we’ve all experienced it, haven’t we? It has rather negative connotations, of course, because we usually associate…
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MPs see the impact of the Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme first hand

We were excited to welcome dozens of MPs and House of Commons staff to a special event in the Houses…
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Tasty recipes you can try!

Jumping Jackets

Fantastic, fluffy jacket potatoes are a must when it comes to a quick and easy dinner, this classic recipe keeps…
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Monster Mash

This bright pink mash is certain to delight the kids at your table and even better, it’s one of their…
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Super Salad!

Kids will love this twist on the classic nicoise salad any day of the week! Keep it fussy eater friendly…
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What Teachers Say:

“Creating healthy eaters for the future.”

— Head Teacher, Solihull

“For a number of our children it is the only opportunity they get to eat fruit and vegetables as part of their daily diet. The range has enabled our children to try fresh food that they would not otherwise. The scheme is creating healthy eaters for the future.”

“Children love having fresh fruit on a daily basis”

— Member of Staff, Retford

“Children love having fresh fruit on a daily basis which is helped by the consistently excellent service from Kids Fruit.”

“Our children can try fruits they would otherwise never have had”

— Member of Staff, Bourne

“The variety and range of the seasonally selected fresh produce means that our children can try fruits they would otherwise never have had the opportunity to try”

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