H is for …

Honeydew Melon

Fun Facts

  • Honeydew melons contain about 90% water, so eating melon it is a good way to stay hydrated and stop you from getting thirsty!
  • A Honeydew melon usually has a smooth greenish-yellow peel and a pale green inside. However, sometimes the inside can be orange and this can be known as the ‘temptation melon’.
  • Honeydew melons are sometimes called ‘winter melons’.
  • Melons belong to the same family as squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers.
  • The honeydew melon is the sweetest of all melons.

Where do we come from?

Honeydew melons were first grown in the Middle East, and because of their sweet and juicy flavour, they were once thought of as the sacred food of the Egyptians. Today, China and Turkey are the biggest growers of Honeydew melons around the world, closely followed by America.

Test yourself! Can you locate these countries on the map?

I am good for you!

Like all fruits and vegetables, honeydew melons are low in sodium, calories and fat and it is also a good source of dietary fibre. But honeydew melons are especially good for you because …

  • They are a rich source of vitamin C which is good for your skin, blood and bones.

Get Creative!

Once you have eaten your delicious melon, save the seeds and dry them out. Then use them to create your how picture or design – send us a photo of what you come up with! 

Recipe Challenge

We love eating honeydew melon with Parma ham- I know, fruit and meat sounds weird but why don’t you give it a try? Send us some photos of your favourite Honeydew melon recipes!