K is for …


Fun Facts

  • Kiwifruits are originally from China and they used to be called the ‘Chinese Gooseberry’ before they were renamed ‘Kiwi fruit’ in 1959 by the New Zealanders, due to its similar appearance to a kiwi bird.
  • Kiwifruit has brown fuzzy skin and bright green flesh with circles of edible dark seeds in the middle.
  • Kiwis are also eaten by many animals such as monkeys and deer.
  • Kiwis are normally eaten raw in fruit salad or blended into juices.
  • Eating 2 kiwi fruits an hour before bedtime will help you get a better night sleep.

Where do we come from?

As previously stated, the kiwifruit was first grown in China and it was only as recently as 1904 that the fruit was first grown in New Zealand, the country where the fruit gets its name.

Today, kiwifruits are grown not only in New Zealand but all across the world. It is also grown in Italy, France, Greece, Chile, China, Japan, South Korea and California, America. The growing season for kiwifruits is very long, lasting around 240 days.

Test yourself! Can you locate these countries on the map?

We are good for you!

Like all fruits and vegetables, kiwifruits are low in sodium, calories and fat and they are also a good source of dietary fibre. But kiwifruits are especially good for you because …

  • They contain a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your skin, blood and bones.

Quiz Question

Kiwifruits were named because they look similar to the small, brown, furry kiwi bird in New Zealand. Can you think of any other fruits that look similar to different animals? Draw us a picture or send us a photo of the ideas that you come up with!

How to eat me

  • Make sure you cut off the top and bottom and peel with a knife to get rid of the brown, furry skin.
  • Kiwis are really yummy on their own, but they can also be good with different desserts. Why don’t you try it with ice cream or meringue?