M is for …


Fun Facts

  • In some parts of the world mangoes are called the ‘king of the fruits’.
  • Mangoes can be many different sizes and colours, including yellow, orange, red and green.
  • Giving someone a basket of mangoes is often considered a gesture of friendship.
  • Unripe mango is often used in pickles or chutneys and sometimes it is eaten raw dipped in salt, black pepper, chilli, lime or soy sauce.
  • Mangoes can be used in all types of cooking! It is often eaten fresh for breakfast or cooked in curries for dinner.
  • Nearly half of the world’s mangoes are grown in India, but the country makes up less than 1% of the international mango trade. This is because most of the mangos grown here are also eaten in India.

Where do we come from?

The mango fruit was first found growing in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Since then, trade and travel have spread the mango fruit across the world and it has become one of the most popular fruits.

Today mango trees are grown in many tropical climates. These include India, China, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil and Egypt to name just a few.

Test yourself! Can you locate all of these countries on the map?

We are good for you!

Like all fruits and vegetables, mangos are low in sodium, calories and fat and are a good source of dietary fibre. However, mangoes are especially good for you because …

  • They contain a lot of vitamin C, which is good for your skin, blood and bones.

Making mango hedgehogs!

Mangoes can be eaten and prepared many different ways but this is one of our favourites! But remember – knives are very sharp so you should get an adult to do this for you.

Firstly cut the mango into thick slices, either side of the stone. Then use your knife to score vertical lines into the yellow flesh – make sure that you don’t cut the skin! Then repeat this step for horizontal lines. Finally, use your fingers to push up in the middle of the mango skin. The result should look like this photo – just like a hedgehog!

Get Creative!

Can you think of any other fruits or vegetables that you can turn into animals? Let us know!