O is for …


Fun Facts:

  • There are over 600 different types of oranges grown across the world.
  • About 85% of all oranges are used to produce juice.
  • There are normally only 10 segments inside an orange.
  • Orange blossom flowers are white and have a strong smell. They are commonly used as decorations on wedding cakes, in bouquets and head wreaths.
  • Orange jam is also known as marmalade.

Where do we come from?

Oranges were first grown in China but now they are grown in both tropical and sub-tropical climates across the world. Most of the world’s orange production happens in the Northern Hemisphere in countries such as China and America but they are also grown in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India, Spain and Egypt.

Test yourself! Can you locate all of these countries on the map?

We are good for you!

Like all fruits and vegetables, oranges are low in sodium, calories and fats and they are a good source of dietary fibre. However, oranges are especially good for you because …

  • Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C which is good for you skin, blood and bones..

Did you know …

… orange peel can be used as a slug repellent. It is used by many farmers on their vegetables – why don’t you give it a try with your plants?

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