P is for …


Fun Facts

  • Peppers are technically a fruit and they belong to the same family as potatoes and tomatoes.
  • Everyday peppers which are used in salads are called bell peppers.
  • Peppers come in a rainbow of colours including red, yellow, green, orange, brown and purple.
  • Bell peppers were named by Christopher Columbus when he was searching for black pepper.
  • Peppers can be hot, like chilli and cayenne peppers, or mild, like bell and sweet peppers.
  • Although you might think that larger chilli peppers have more spice to them, the smaller and thinner the pepper is the spicier the chilli will be.

Where do we come from?

Different types of peppers are grown all across the world. Most bell peppers are grown in China, closely followed by Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia and America. Whereas black pepper is mainly produced in India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Test yourself! Can you locate all of these countries on the map?

We are good for you!

Like all fruits and vegetables bell peppers are low in sodium, calories and fats and they contain lots of dietary fibre. However, bell peppers are especially good for you because …

  • They contain lots of vitamin A which is good for your skin and your immune system.
  • They contain lots of vitamin C which is good for your skin, blood and bones.

Get Cooking: Pepper stir-fry