Understanding the value in providing healthy fruit & veg to school children

Kidsfruit are a division of Minor Weir and Willis Ltd. Working alongside the public sector it has been our mission to encourage early years school children to eat fresh fruit and vegetables since 2002. During the 190 day school year we supply and deliver fresh products into over 16,600 primary schools providing 2.3 million portions each day. 

In the inclusive class room, the children enjoy apples, bananas, pears, soft citrus fruits, cocktail tomatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, sweet-bite peppers, strawberries, mini-cucumbers and dried fruits over the year. 

Locally grown produce is included in our deliveries into primary schools. The imported range includes the ever popular bananas and easy peeling soft citrus all sourced from ethically approved global suppliers. 

In the summer Kidsfruit conducted a survey with primary schools and received 2,256 replies in June and July and the results emphasize the high impact of intervention. 

The feedback really emphasises the value in providing healthy snacking fruits and vegetables every day from day of formal education. 

 Key findings: 

  • Fresh fruit in school can be the healthiest food that children eat daily 
  • Schools and parents cannot afford to buy themselves 
  • A classroom setting encourages all of the children to try new fruits and vegetables 
  • Helps the children maintain willingness to learn, behaviour, concentration and energy levels. 
  • Supports social wellbeing and mental health 
  • Encourages them to choose fruit as a healthy snack 
  • Children ask for fruit in the classroom 
  • Teaches the children to eat healthily all day in school 
  • It is a leveller in the classroom 
  • Could be the first thing that they eat in the morning 

Apart from delivering fruit, kidsfruit also engage with schools to: 

– Provide education models that support the national curriculum for Key Stage 1 children. 

– Provide healthy recipes and meal ideas via our website. 

– Educate children on the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables, as well as where it comes from and how it reaches their plates. 

– Provide tasting workshops for children to encourage them to try new and healthy fruits and vegetables. 

– Encourage growing competitions in schools. 

– Run an international ‘Pen Pal’ programme with schools in our supplier countries. 

Kidsfruit survey report 2 

We believe that the survey justifies a larger investment over a longer period. For this reason, we are asking you to read our survey and help to raise the profile of the kidsfruit work by lobbying for the expansion of investment to include children in Key Stage 2 education. This will guarantee that every future child in primary school education will receive one piece of fresh fruit and vegetable every school day. 

To find out more about kidsfruit or how to get involved with your local schools please contact Mark Driver (email; mark.driver@mww.co.uk 

To receive further updates on our activities and progress please visit our website www.kidsfruit.org or follow us on social media 

(Twitter; @kidsfruit, Instagram; @kidsfruitofficial). 

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