Farming Update: May Edition

Our farms across the UK are constantly planting, growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables for you to eat! Here is an update on all the activities that have been happening over the past month with some photos to take a look at.


Towards the end of May we started to harvest both our peas and our sugar snap peas and they look fresh and tasty. We have also continued to pick our pak choi, choi sum and tenderstem broccoli which we started to pick in April, and the quality is looking excellent.

Throughout May our rhubarb plants have been growing in abundance and we love to see their bright colours fill the field. We also finished harvesting our asparagus plants, which started growing very early and have grown well throughout the season.

A photograph of our peas, which are now being harvested!

Planting & Growing

Our courgettes, marrows, spring onions and runner-bean plants are all growing steadily and they will be on track to begin their harvest in June. We are especially pleased with our broad bean crops which have reached about 15cm in height! We also plan to start harvesting them next month.

In May we started using our brand new robotic planter! This is a very exciting investment for us, as it uses GPS tracking to improve both planting density and accuracy, making planting easier and faster!