Farming Update: September Edition

Our farms across the UK are constantly planting, growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables for you to eat! Here is an update on all the activities that have been happening over the past month with some photos to take a look at.


September is a huge harvesting season for our UK farms, and there is loads of picking to be done! This list of fruit and vegetables that we harvested in September include; spring onions, jumbo onions, rhubarb, pak choi, choi sum, tenderstem broccoli, courgettes, marrows, runner beans, string beans, stringless beans and squashes.

We are very proud of tenderstem broccoli which has grown very well this year and so there are lots to pick! It has also been a successful growing season for our squashes, one of our favourite vegetables to put in soups as autumn begins. Squashes are beautiful shades of orange and yellow, and we love how they brighten up the fields.

We love the bright colours of the squashes growing in the fields!

Planting & Growing

September means the end of the growing season for our marrows, so we have harvested our last crop of plants. We have also finished planting the last of our pay choi seeds for this season. We cannot wait to see how our vegetables continue to grow over October!