Introducing Radishes!

The end of September saw the introduction of radishes into primary schools across the country. This allowed over 2.3 million children to try this delicious vegetable, at school, for the first time!

The radishes, which were grown in Norfolk, have traditionally been a staple in British salads and a favourite for many parents and grandparents. This is the first time that these vegetables have been introduced into the healthy snacking agenda. This is part of a plan to introduce children to a wider range of fruits and vegetables that they may not have seen or heard of before.

Radishes are small and bright pink or purple in colour. They are a member of the mustard family, and so they have a peppery flavour, with a crunch and juicy texture. You can eat the entire plant, including the leaves, so nothing has to go to waste!

British grown radishes are available in shops from April through to the end of October – so there is still plenty of time to buy some from the supermarkets and try them for yourself! They are a very fast-growing plant, taking only 25 days to grow from seed. Why don’t you give it a try at home? (click here for the method).