Local Apples!

We have started to provide locally grown apples to children in schools in Kent!

The Kidsfruit team are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. As part of this, our depot in Headcorn, Kent has started to buy apples directly from smaller apple and pear growers in the surrounding areas. If you live in Margate, Dover, Folkestone, West Kent, Sussex or Surrey, and your school is a Kidsfruit customer, then you will have started to receive apples that are grown locally in your area!

We think apples taste delicious when they are grown right on your doorstep!

Reducing our waste!

We love to think of new ways to decrease the amount of waste that we produce. Currently, our lorries return the boxes (that are used to store the apples) to the growers so that they can be reused, instead of being thrown away! As well as this, once the lorries have delivered fruit to primary schools, they collect more fruit on their returning journey to reduce the number of drives that are taken.