Puppy updates!

Kidsfruit has sponsored Ruby from birth. She is a now half way (12 months) into her 24 month training programme!

Throughout lockdown, Ruby has been living with her puppy raisers Richard, Kay and Scout. They have been taking Ruby going on lots of long walks and runs to keep her active and entertained. Ruby has made loads of friends whilst doing her Guide Dogs training, including Sprout, Molly, Ginger, Cooper, Coco, Bailey, Skye, Monte, Willow, Finn, Rosie, Hope, Cookie, Archie and Milo.

Did you know that 1 person goes blind in the UK every hour? There are currently 2 million people living in the UK with impaired sight. At Kidsfruit we value supporting the community and that is why we love sponsoring Ruby, and hearing all about the activities and training that she gets up to.

This year, Kidsfruit is also looking to sponsor a hearing puppy, so make sure that you keep and eye on our website for more updates!

To find out more about the work of the Guide dogs charity, or to sponsor a puppy of your own, visit their website: www.guidedogs.ork.uk