In-season sugar snap peas being picked, packed and sent to schools

In summer of 2019 our Herefordshire & Worcestershire farms had really been challenged with unseasonably high rainfall in June, washing away field crops and creating wet conditions causing quality breakdown. We are enjoying warmer, drier consistent weather conditions!

The short journey from field to school enables us to provide children with the highest quality peas to enjoy throughout July – so that’s plenty of vitamin C, as well as a good source of vitamins K and B6, plus folate. We are also pleased to be using recycled crates rather than new cardboard cases.

Sugar snap peas are super easy to grow and delicious to eat – and the good news for us is that we can yield two harvests in a single growing season, giving us the opportunity to enjoy them twice as many times. And they are a great sugar swap!

UK Grown:

We grow 400t of the Zircola variety and 200t of podded peas using the ambassador and Avola varieties. You will see our UK product in several supermarkets from June to the end of September.

To make sure that the children enjoy 4 school day consumptions we also pack Chinese and Zimbabwe grown product in support of the UK grown.

During the early part of 2020, our farmers have again been challenged but this time by heavy floods, meaning that the fields are too wet for us to plant the seeds for this season. Watch this space on how our farmers overcome these challenges and get tasty local produce to you all.