Supporting Our Community

Kidsfruit, and the MWW group, are committed to supporting our local community. We are proud contributors to FareShare – an organisation that is committed to fighting hunger and reducing food waste at the same time!

Between January and September 2020, MWW has donated 358.3 tonnes of surplus food to FareShare. This is the equivalent to 853,112 meals that have been donated to different charities and groups throughout the community.

Due to the closure of schools, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, kidsfruit donated all of the pre-ordered produce (that was originally intended for schools) to FareShare. This food was used to provide meals for foodbanks, hostels and other organisations dedicated to helping and feeding people during this time. This also meant that no food went to waste, as instead it was diverted to help people who were in need of fresh meals. The demand for food during the pandemic increased dramatically, which meant that FareShare had to triple the number of meals that they were providing each day. Both Kidsfruit and MWW are proud supporters of this cause.

Find out more at on the FareShare website.