Welcome, Zoe!

Kidsfruit has teamed up with nutritionist Zoe Griffiths, to bring you more healthy and fun recipes to try at home!

Zoe Griffiths is a Registered Nutritionist with over 25 years experience working in public health. Zoe has specialised in working on nutrition issues relating to children and is passionate about supporting children and families to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Check out some of her delicious food in the recipe section of the website! Our favourites include;

  • The Brussel and Sprout Bubble and Squeak Cakes
  • The Spanish Omelette with Leftovers
  • The Winter Vegetable Curry
  • The Chocolate Orange and Carrot Cake – this is excellent as a snack, or as a pudding for after dinner.

Look out for the pink ‘recipe by Zoe’ sticker to find these delicious, healthy meals in the recipes section. Make sure you try out some of these easy, but tasty meals at home!

To find out more information about Zoe, or keep up to date with her other recipe ideas then check out her website (https://zgnutrition.co.uk/), Twitter (@ZG_Nutrition), Instagram (@zg_nutrition) or Linkedin (zoegriffithsnutrition).