Why positive peer pressure is playing its part to get infant pupils eating fruit and veg

Peer pressure – we’ve all experienced it, haven’t we? It has rather negative connotations, of course, because we usually associate it with friends trying to get us to do something bad.

But there is a flip side: positive peer pressure.

We visit schools to deliver workshops that focus on where the produce is grown, food miles and seasonal harvests. The MWW group of companies supplies A wide range of customers with an extensive range of fresh produce including the NHS.

It also involves eating!

As we found when we went to Bramford Primary School, there are often youngsters who are reluctant to try something new. But when they see their friends trying a physalis or a piece of raw, tender stem broccoli, they are far more likely to give it a go. More often than not, they like what they taste, too.

For us, that’s good news because it’s helping to expose children to a wide variety of different flavours and textures, as well as encouraging them to overcome their fear of some foods.

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